Nursing staff development program in Germany


Studying. Development. Capabilities.

UCare provides an opportunity
for medical stuff from all over the world
to obtain international qualifications
and experience in a German clinic.

We will help you to settle down
in a new country, we organize language
and professional courses so that you could integrate to the European community
as quickly and easily as possible,
and gain new experience.
The program is supported by SCHÖN KLINIK and ASKLEPIOS
group of clinics, and is absolutely free for participants.

Terms of participation in the project

  • Nurse (male or female), up to 50 years old, specialty "Nursing", "Paramedic", "Midwife", professional education for at least 3 years. With or without work experience in the specialty.
  • Willingness to be responsible for participation in the project, work in a team and adequately represent their educational institution and their country.
  • Willingness to learn German up to level B2 and above.
  • Willingness to do an internship in a German clinic for 6 months.
  • Willingness to sign a work contract at least for 2 years with one of the concern clinic.

What are the duties of nurses in Germany?

A nurse is the doctor's first assistant, a competent, independently working specialist, clearly performing the functions of patient care
and advising, implementing a set of medical measuresnecessary
at a particular stage of diagnosis, therapy or rehabilitation.

Takes primary care of the patient, independently evaluates the success of the measures taken

Assists in catering, comfortable accommodation (e.g. in bed) and personal hygiene of the patient
Measures vital parameters (blood pressure, temperature, pulseand breath)
Prepares and dispenses medicines according
to the plan
Advises relatives on patient care
Cares for wounds and stitches
Administrative work and paperwork are also
an important part of the profession.
Helps in communication of the patient
and his relatives with the insurance company
Uses modern technology and equipment
of the clinic to facilitate patient care
Is a key interlocutor of the patient and adviser
to the doctor in assessing the patient's condition

Project calendar

Start - 9th month
Successful candidates selection. Language courses - German distance learning followed by the B1 ÖSD/TELC/DaF exam.
9 -10-th month
Passing B1 oral exam.
Documents for medical diploma confirmation preparation.
Visa documents preparation.
10 - 12-th month
Obtaining a visa.
Moving to Germany.
Beginning of medical school
and clinical practice.
12 - 15-th month
Passing a professional exam.
Providing the opportunity to sign
a contract with the clinic.


Organization and documents required
  • Do I need to pay for flight, accommodation and visa?
    Payment for language courses, visas, air tickets, accommodation and medical insurance is fully covered by the host.
  • Where are the clinics located? In big or small cities?
    Some clinics are located in large cities such as Hamburg, Cologne or Munich, while others are located in smaller towns. Germany is a decentralized and diverse country, there are many interesting places to live here that you did not know about yet.
Learning German
  • How do I learn German?
    UCare organizes free German language courses for candidates up to level B2.

  • How are language courses organized in Pakistan? And in Germany?
    Language courses last 10 months. Classes are held remotely by UСare accredited language center
    3 times a week for 3 hours. Language courses in Germany include additional 80 hours of study and is aimed
    at in-depth study of professional medical vocabulary.

  • After my language studies, if I pass all the exams, will I work in a hospital? What is waiting for me?
    During your language training, we cooperate with employers, receive offers from them and organize an online meetings between you and the employer. If the first interview is not successful, we will find another employer for you among our partner hospitals or nursing homes.
Diploma legalization
  • What are the requirements to work in Germany?
    In order to work in Germany in your specialty, you need: a diploma in nursing, knowledge of German at B2 level,
    a successfully passed Kenntnisprüfung exam and a contract with a clinic. We will help you confirm your diploma and receive Defizit Bescheid - a special document confirming that your hours of study correspond to German standards.
  • After successfully studying at a medical school in Germany and confirming my diploma, will I be able to work
    in the clinic?

    After successfully passing the exam and confirming your diploma, you will be invited to work in one of the concern's clinics.

  • Practice and work in the clinics of the concern.
    Can I choose a department or clinic on my own?

    During the internship and preparation for the Kenntnisprüfung, you cannot choose the department or clinic on your own, since the practical training program is tied to the medical school and is based on the knowledge necessary to pass the exam. But you will be given the opportunity to try yourself in various departments of the clinic. After passing the exam, you will be able to choose a direction and clinic in accordance with the availability of open vacancies.
Practice and work in a German clinic

  • How are interviews with the clinic conducted?
    The first interview takes place in you homecountry and is conducted by the curator of the group. The second interview takes place when the language level reaches A2, in the presence of the national curator and representatives of the clinic. The third interview takes place when the language level reaches B1, in the presence of the national curator and representatives of the clinic. The result of the interview is the drafting of an agreement for practice and the submission of visa documents.
  • What does an employment contract look like?
    The employment contract fully complies with German law and consists of the requirements of the land where the clinic is located. An example of an employment contract is provided for preliminary review.
  • Will someone help me after moving to Germany?
    Each group is assigned a curator who will help resolve all organizational issues. The representative office of UCare organizes the preliminary selection of candidates, their language training, processing of documents necessary for the nostrification of a diploma and obtaining a visa. After moving to Germany, you will also be assigned a curator who will assist you in solving adaptation and everyday issues, at all stages of theoretical and practical training and in the process of passing the diploma confirmation exam. Also there is a round-the-clock telephone line in Germanyfor project participants.
Family reunion

  • When can my family be reunited with me in Germany?
    For the period until the recognition of the diploma, program participants are provided with a room for living. After signing a contract with the clinic, if you wish, we will help you rent an apartment, as well as prepare all the documents for family reunification on German soil. The reunification process usually takes about 12 months.

Project photos and videos

Our successful participants
Larysa, Radiologie am Krankenhaus Rüdersdorf
Viktoria, Schön Klinik Vogtareuth
Alexandru R. Seniorenresidenz Parkresidenz Bremen
Aliona R. Seniorenresidenz Parkresidenz Bremen
Victoria K. Schön Klinik Hamburg
Maria C. Schön Klinik Hamburg

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